July 25, 2021

Brand Launch Photoshoot | Fable

I love doing branding photography in Denver and around the country. And I had such a blast doing a brand launch photoshoot for this inventive new beverage—Fable.

The Next Big Thing in Adult Beverages

Fable is a non-alcoholic, botanical cannabis cocktail with low levels of THC&CBD. Their goal is to reimagine happy hour by using modern mixology and premium cannabis products. According to a press release,  

“Within this growing space [of non-alcoholic cocktails], Fable stakes its claim as a truly premium beverage among the cannabis waters, tonics, and seltzers by curating high-quality ingredients and creating a layered taste experience.” 

Starting this month, Fable is available at select locations in California. And, as time goes on, they look forward to gaining more of the market share. Founders Ben and Kristin Kennedy created the product after observing the growing culture of people wanting to reduce or avoid alcohol altogether. Many people are reaching for alcohol alternatives, still wanting a way to enjoy social gatherings and relax. The press release calls these people “sober curious.”

Brand Launch Photoshoot Sets the Tone

I had a great time photographing the beautiful packaging and bright cocktails. Plus, I got to work with Ben and Kristen to create colorful flat lays and other set-ups curated to highlight these exciting beverages.

Some of my favorites are the images that also feature the charcuterie board. The backdrops really establish the brand as an upscale item to enjoy with good friends and good food. Brand photography, and product photography, have the ability to really establish a brand and set a tone for a business. This was an exciting time to collaborate with Fable because they are at the phase in their business where they’re really creating a name for themselves in this growing market.

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