October 27, 2019

Denver Family Photographer | Last Days of Summer

As a Denver family photographer, sometimes my biggest muses are those who are closest to me. And my youngest daughter, Eve, is sure happy to be the subject of portraits. I took these pictures of her on one of the last days of summer. After some fun in the sun, in this red ruffled bathing suit that I wish she would never, ever grow out of, we took a snack break and I got out my camera.

Denver Family Photographer—My Own Family Members are My Muses

Eve can be such a ham for the camera. But I love that I was able to capture both her spunk and her thoughtful beauty in this spontaneous photo session. On this snowy, Colorado fall day, I am definitely missing the sunlight and the warm temperatures. But I am thankful that I have these pictures to remember one of our favorite final days of summer. And I have some other pictures in my blog from our summer trip to the beach to help with this cold day too!

The Magic of Candids

As a Denver family photographer, I get plenty of opportunities to take pictures of families and children. Most of these photoshoots are outside. They take place generally in a finite amount of time. There are certain photos we are trying to capture. And there is definitely a combination of those candid moments and the kinds of poses you want to put on your Christmas card. I love this kind of photography or else it wouldn’t be a large portion of my work!

But, there is also a time and a place to just slow down and get some candid shots of a sweet and silly moment. Of course, Eve is looking and the camera in some of these. And there may have been a slight amount of posing (okay, every mom totally does this!). But for the most part, these photos are simply of my dear girl enjoying a delicious cupcake!

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