January 30, 2020

Highlands Ranch Mansion Photoshoot

Highlands Ranch Mansion Photoshoot

A lot of times people will ask me what’s the best time of year to do a family photoshoot. Truthfully, with the exception of torrential downpour, blizzard conditions, or insane winds, we can make the most of a photoshoot any time of the year. This Highlands Ranch Mansion photoshoot is a prime example of that!

Perfect Fall/Winter Muted Tones

If you read our last blog, we filled you in on 5 styling tips for your family’s photoshoot in 2020. One of our tips was to make sure you add a pop of color! But, we love how this dear family dressed in muted tones for their outdoor, winter family session. The tans/peaches, light blues, and greys were ideal in the softened light in the golden hour.

Best Things About a Highlands Ranch Mansion Photoshoot

One of our favorite places to do family shoots in the Denver Metro area is the Highlands Ranch Mansion. Why? For one, we can capture the foothills in the horizon which provides an interesting element to the background.

Also, this stately, historic homestead is stunning any time of year. And the grounds are an ideal place to feel like we’re shooting in a rustic location without having to head out of town.

When photographing littles, I love getting candid shots of them roaming around in the grasses and exploring their world. This is also an ideal way to capture little ones interacting with their parents. There were so many sweet snuggles to snag pictures of and we are so honored we got to be a part of creating memories for this family.

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