September 25, 2019

Morrison Family Photography | The Fenchies

As a photographer, I obviously value family photography or else I wouldn’t be doing what I do! And I love when families decide it’s time to capture their crew on film. Like in this precious family shoot I did with the Fenchies—they hadn’t had family photos taken since the kiddos were babies. As you can see, those dear ones aren’t babies now! So this Morrison family photography session was the perfect time to capture some of these moments for the sake of preserving this sweet season.

Morrison Family Photography in Golden Hour

We were able to photography some pretty incredible moments between these sweet family members. There were kisses for mom and dad, lots of hair twirling, snuggles, and laughs. And these rolling hills in Morrison could not have provided a more spectacular backdrop for this family session.

To catch those heart-stopping father-daughter moments with the sun setting right between those hills—perfection! And the sun glinting off those little blonde heads? Adorable. Mom and son hugs were plentiful. And of course, the sibs got to run around in the grass so that kept them very happy.

Many people want to capture their family when they have a newborn. But it’s so wonderful to continue to prioritize family portraits from time to time so you can cherish images of your family during each phase of life. I’m so thankful I got to do that for the Fenchies this summer!

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