December 31, 2019

Family Photoshoot Style Guide 2020

Everyone wants their family pictures to look good. When you’ve hired a photographer, set up a time for the shoot, and plan to invest in prints, of course, you hope for a great outcome. But where a lot of families and individuals get stuck during the process is how to dress themselves! That’s why we put together this Family Photoshoot Style Guide 2020 with some of our favorite recent sessions and some tips for dressing the whole family.

Tip #1—Matching is Good, But Not Too Matchy-Matchy

This was one of our favorite family shoots from this fall for a lot of reasons and we think you can apply them too! Remember the days of awkward family photos where everyone of the same gender wore the exact same outfit? That’s not the way to do it in 2020.

What we see is choosing a few colors to stick with, and maybe a matching accessory here and there. Like we adore that these sweet sisters had matching snow caps they put on for some of the photos. And their outfits weren’t the same, but they complemented one another. Even their pooch fit in the same color scheme. And the colors worked whether we out in a field, or in front of their home.

Tip #2—Add Pops of Color

One bit of practical advice we always give our clients is to think about the colors in their home, because most likely, they’re going to put big prints from a family photoshoot throughout. So if the accents in your home are red, you don’t want to put your family in lavender for your photoshoot.

Having said that, pops of color are good! We love how this family incorporated color among their neutral tones, like the woman’s darker, rose-colored dress and the older daughter’s bright red lipstick. It’s subtle, but it gives the viewer’s eye something to go to when looking at a print.

Tip #3—Take Advantage of Styling to the Season

Sometimes we have clients who get disappointed when the weather is bad, and we have fewer shoots in the winter when it’s more likely to be cold. But we say, for 2020, lean into whatever season it is for your photoshoot.

Was it cold on the day we photographed this family? You bet! But, their similar hats, the girls’ adorable jackets, and layers totally made these photos some of our favorites. If you’re going to lean into a cold-weather shoot, just make sure you consider ahead of time if your jackets and accessories actually compliment each other. A cold-weather shoot won’t turn out as well with your daughter’s bright pink ski jacket and your son’s neon green zippers and buttons on his coat.

Tip #4—You Can Never Go Wrong with Neutrals

Here we’ve included photos from two different sessions that we love for the same reason—they both embrace neutral colors. In a time where everyone is obsessed with minimalism, you really can’t go wrong with neutral colors.

Clean lines, bright whites, and simple patterns are all things to incorporate in a 2020 family photoshoot. Plus, these kinds of outfits make for great prints in the home because they’re going to go with any other decor you have.

We hope this Photoshoot Style Guide 2020 is helpful for you! Put these four tips into practice, and we are sure you will end up with photos you love!

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