August 19, 2021

Extended Family Photoshoot | AJ + Mel

What’s better than a photoshoot? An extended family photoshoot! I love when families decide to band together, coordinate schedules, and do a photoshoot with the whole family. And I had the opportunity to do that with AJ + Mel, and some of their family in their recent extended family photoshoot. 

extended family photoshoot

Castlewood Canyon Family Photoshoot

I met up with AJ, Mel, and their adorable daughter Elliott at Castlewood Canyon State Park for a family photoshoot. And they brought along Mel’s parents and brother too, to round out their family photos with some extended family photos. We were able to get lots of great shots with all the possible combinations of people, too, which is just so nice to have!

Mamas and Baby

I loved how sweet the photos turned out with Mel, AJ, and Elliott. Elliott was really just soaking in our beautiful surroundings and getting all the snuggles and kisses.

lesbian family photo with baby

Grandparents Snuggles

There were plenty of snuggles and kisses to be had from Grandma and Grandpa too! It was so precious to be able to capture this whole crew together. And a great reminder to me too, to make sure to get photos of my kids with family members important in our lives, not just our immediate family.

extended family photoshoot with grandparents and granddaughter

Schedule Your Extended Family Session

As we get closer to the holidays, now is a great time to start thinking about those Christmas card photos. Having family photos you cherish is the perfect addition to the holiday cards you plan to send. Or, consider giving a gift card for an extended family photoshoot to the grandparents or parents in your life to make sure you document your sweet seasons together as a group. 

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