May 26, 2021

Urban Family Photoshoot | The Denver Central Market

If you follow my work, you know the majority of my family shoots are outdoors at nearby parks or open spaces. For example, Castlewood Canyon State Park was one of the last places I did mini shoots. And as a wedding photographer, I love shooting urban weddings but again, I would say many of my wedding photos feature sweeping mountain landscapes. So, when a family wants to do an urban family photoshoot, I have a blast.

Kelly and her family chose the eye-popping Denver Central Market area of Downtown Denver, just south of RiNo, for their photoshoot. The result? Lots of bright colors in the backdrop and unexpected smiles.

Urban Family Photoshoot Tips

Is the urban family photoshoot for everyone? Maybe not. It depends on your personalities and your values. Where do you spend a lot of your time? What do you want to emphasize about your family dynamic? These are all important questions to ask. If your family doesn’t spend a lot of time meandering through fields, maybe an urban family photoshoot is ideal for you.

Perhaps you yourself are an artist living and working in Denver. Then a RiNo family session could definitely be for you! I also love doing urban senior sessions because it allows for so many fun and interesting backdrops and personality.

Despite the urban location, this family still brought their furry family member along and it worked out beautifully. You don’t need a field to run around in to include pets in your family shoot!

You’ll also notice this family stuck to mostly neutral tones in their wardrobe, and I think that can be a really good choice for an urban shoot, especially an urban shoot like this one where there were so many murals and other pops of color incorporated in the setting.

Schedule Your Urban Family Photoshoot in Denver This Summer

I still have availability for family photoshoots this summer so if you’re inspired by this post, let me know! I’d love to get you on my calendar. Don’t know exactly where you’d want to go? No problem—we can brainstorm together!

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